5 Tips How to Save Money on My Wedding Dress

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The wedding dress is one of the things that many brides splurge on, as isn't it only natural for a pretty dress to come with a hefty price? However, we believe that being on a budget doesn't mean that you can't wear the wedding dress of your dreams.

All you need is a little know-how, and we've prepared some handy tips for you below.

1. Rent or own?

5 Tips How to Save Money on My Wedding Dress - Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

You don't really need to buy a wedding dress if you don't want to. Renting a dress is a more budget-friendly and practical alternative.

2. Make use of used dresses

Just remember to pay attention to any spots or stains that the dress might have. There are many websites and shops that rent out good quality wedding dresses. A second-hand dress isn't always a bad idea. Your mother might even have an heirloom wedding dress that she can pass down to you. Just remember to tweak the dress a little so that it fits your preferences and body type.

3. Work your contacts

This is a good time to open your address book and skim through your contacts. If you have friends who are dressmakers or fashion designers, try contacting them to get a special price. Even if you don't intend to use their services, you can always ask them for references and advice on picking the right vendor.

4. Perfect timing

Don't be afraid to shop around! Your might find your dream dress when you least expect it. Do pay attention to these seasons to get the best deal on your dress. There are special times when wedding dresses go on sale. Also, when shopping for a dress, don't overlook vintage shops and trunk shows.

5. Do it yourself

If you're a crafty bride, this is an option for you. Or, if you're experienced in sewing, go make your own dress! Your wedding dress will be especially yours and wearing it will make you proud. Find a plain wedding dress, then sew in the details yourself.

Then, it's time to head to an Authorized Retailer near you to find the perfect wedding dress for your body type. Happy wedding dress shopping!

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