9 Tips How to Have a Successful First Wedding Dress Fitting ( part 2 )

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From accessories to customizations and bridal veils to bustles, here’s everything you need to know to have a successful first wedding dress fitting, alterations process, and styling plan.

9 Tips How to Have a Successful First Wedding Dress Fitting ( part 2 ) - Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

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After you’ve found your dream bridal gown. Now it's time for placing your order and walking down the aisle, you’ll need 1-3 fitting appointments to make “the one” feel like a truly personalized work of bridal perfection.

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6. Have an open mind about the fit of your wedding dress

Remember, the first version of your wedding dress was likely an in-store sample (which may have even been in a different size, colorway, and style variation), so it might take a moment to adjust to the actual real-life wedding gown you’ll be wearing down the aisle.

As you step into your gown for your first wedding dress fitting, don’t be surprised if it feels different than when you tried on gowns for your shopping appointment. As you get reacquainted with your fresh-from-the-box gown, your bridal stylist will likely begin to ask you about the most important part of the wedding dress alteration process: the way it actually contours to your body. After all, some time has passed, you’re in a different stage of your wedding planning, and (most importantly) this is the first time you’re getting to see “the one”.

Here are a few variables to discuss:

  • Fittings typically take 1-3 appointments, so it’s important to schedule and communicate all expectations accordingly.
  • Though you’ve ordered based on your measurements and clothing size, this is only the beginning of the wedding dress fitting process. The actual shape and features of your wedding gown become much more tailored as you go along.
  • Be realistic about your weight and measurements for your wedding day.
  • When it comes to creating a flattering and personalized fit, your bridal stylist and alterations specialists are your BFFs. Trust them to give you the care and expertise you need.
  • Talk about how sexy, unique, or classic you want your wedding dress to look after fittings and alterations. This will help you and your specialists determine what is both practical and possible for your budget and timeline.

7. Think about the different ways you’ll be moving on your wedding day

To make the most of your wedding dress alteration and fitting process, try out some different postures and movements to optimize fit, comfort, and structure:

  • Consider how your wedding gown’s fabric will feel based on the temperature of your wedding day, and whether you’ll be spending most of it outside or inside.
  • Walk around the room and up and down some stairs. This makes sure you like your heel height and hemline.
  • Slouch your shoulders to see how this changes the look of your wedding gown’s bodice. (You won’t maintain perfect posture all day.)
  • Sit down. See if you feel comfortable and that your gown and undergarments stay in place.
  • Dance around to test out the stretch and flexibility of your wedding dress for your reception.
  • Test out your bathroom plan.
  • Take the wedding dress off so you understand how to untie, unclasp, readjust, and get dressed again.

8. Bring your MOH and a close family member to the bridal appointment

Choose two guests who will give you honest feedback about your shopping and alterations process, but who will always stay sweet and supportive of your big-picture vision. Your first wedding dress fitting appointment isn’t typically an occasion for the whole bridal party; your MOH and a close friend or relative are really the only guests you need to make it fun and productive.

Here are a few ways your two guests can help with that first fitting appointment:

  • Give honest feedback about proposed customizations.
  • Reassure you if you’re anxious about your decisions.
  • Browse and test out accessories.

9. If you’re second-guessing your choice of wedding gown, don’t panic

If your first wedding dress fitting leaves you stuck on your choice of wedding gown, take a moment to breathe and reassess. So, planning a wedding is complicated. And if you’ve got ambitious plans and an overactive imagination, it’s totally normal to feel anxious about your planning decisions as the big day gets closer.

Here are a few ways to move forward:

  • Remember that you chose your wedding dress based on more than just looks; there’s also budget, timing, venue, weather conditions, and delivery to consider. Does reminding yourself about these factors help to reaffirm your decision? 
  • It’s common for brides to doubt their choice of wedding dress simply because they kept browsing after they placed their order. Ask yourself if you’ve changed your mind because you truly don’t like the gown you bought, OR simply because you’re overwhelmed with other options.
  • Think back to why you chose that wedding dress in the first place. It probably made you feel elegant and comfortable. But since you’re, like, a beautiful and complex and multi-faceted person with a unique and ever-evolving personality!!! it’s possible that that part of you has shifted a little in the weeks since that first appointment. Allow yourself to be that cool and complicated bride-to-be, but also clear your mind and try to refocus a little before you completely dismiss your initial decision.
  • If you’re still stuck, ask your bridal consultant about the agreement you signed to see what flexibility you have for exchange, payment, or resale of your chosen wedding gown. Be kind and courteous to your stylists, discuss your options, and remember to honor any and all parameters of your contract!

Follow our tips for prepping, adjusting, discussing gown options, and working with your local bridal boutique. With these tips, we promise your first wedding dress fitting is sure to be a smashing success.

Excited for this next big step in your wedding dress shopping journey? We certainly are!

And if you haven’t started your wedding dress shopping yet, find one of our Authorized Retailers with our Store Locator. Best wishes for your best day ever!

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