2022 Wedding Dress Trends : Satin Wedding Dresses for a Shimmery, Sophisticated, and Regal Look

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A lace wedding dress is lovely and organza is full of body, but satin is unmatched when it comes to marking the distinction and elegance of your big day. However, ballet-inspired brides, glamorous brides, vintage-inspired brides. Brides everywhere will love our brand new 2022 satin wedding dresses for a unique and lustrous look on their wedding days.

Read on for the our favorite 2022 satin wedding dresses for a shimmery, sophisticated, and regal Look.



What is Satin?



Satin fabric is used to make bedding, ballet slippers, lingerie, and clothing. Medieval-Age royalty and aristocracy coveted the expensive fabric; today’s designers love its luxurious and sensual feel.

A gown is “satin” if it has a specific fabric and weave pattern.

The top side of this fabric is glossy and smooth, while the underside is dull and matte. It’s also possible to purchase double-faced satin for gloss on both sides. Traditionally satin is made from silk, but modern variations are typically made with polyester, nylon, or rayon.


Various satin fabrics are available in designer wedding gowns:

  • Duchess satin: With a high thread count and durable weave, duchess satin offers the best foundation for embellishments, pleats, and structural details.
  • Crepe-back satin: Like standard satin, crepe-back satin has a shiny side and matte side. But with crepe-back variations, the matte texture is more often the focus.
  • Peau de Soie: Another name for duchess satin, featuring a structured, semi-gloss texture.
  • Antique satin: Another reversible fabric, antique satin has more texture than standard satin, visually and tactilely.
  • Antique satin is easily damaged, so must only be cleaned by an expert.
  • Charmeuse: Soft, silky, and lightweight, charmeuse is the most fluid type of satin.


Silk vs. Sateen

Sateen is more durable from a construction standpoint, but doesn’t achieve the same gloss as satin, and the sheen tends to fade after wearing and washing. Whereas satin is made with silk, rayon, polyester, and nylon, sateen is a cotton-based fabric. The fabrics are woven the same way, but sateen gets its gloss from a chemical process called mercerization. Luxury garments are made with satin more often than sateen.

Consider Your Options

Consider your taste and comfort level: satin is formal, iridescent, and unique, but some satin gowns can feel hot and heavy in the wrong environment. While satin is an opulent and high-quality fabric, many brides prefer lightweight alternatives like taffeta and organza. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and follow your instincts when it comes to finding the perfect gown.

Furthermore, many brides prefer subtle to no shine in their gowns, opting for matte organza and antique lace over shimmery fabrics.

Find Your Style of Satin Wedding Dress

2022 Wedding Dress Trends : Satin Wedding Dresses for a Shimmery, Sophisticated, and Regal Look - Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Picture courtesy of Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

Satin fabric pairs beautifully with Old Hollywood-inspired silhouettes like strapless fit-and-flares and off-the-shoulder sheaths. If you’ve fallen in love with satin fabric, consider the design, silhouette, and embellishments on your dreamy satin wedding dress.

A ballgown silhouette evokes fairytale romance and Old World drama, while classic A-lines allow the fabric to speak for itself.

Modern brides are seeking simple satin wedding dresses that highlight the fabric’s shimmer and dimension.

On the other hand, an exceptional gown accented in pearls, beading, and Swarovski crystals gives a lavish and sophisticated air to your occasion. So, if “statement bridal” is your mantra, embellished satin will make you feel like a star.

Finally, customize your satin wedding dress with separates and accessories. Detachable tulle overskirts add a unique contrast and layering to satin fabric, while jackets, capelets, and veils offer demure coverage and intriguing detail.

Find your dream satin wedding dress near you.

Happy shopping!


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