9 Things That Makes a High Quality Wedding Dress

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Before making a decision purely based on the look of a gown, you need to evaluate its quality.

Go through the checklist below to help you determine if a particular dress is well-made or not.

9 Things That Makes a High Quality Wedding Dress - Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

1. The seams are neat and even. There should be no raw seams on the inside of the dress.

2. The fabric is matte or lustrous, not shiny.

3. The corset should be build in and boned. For a strapless dress, the boning should run along the length of the bodice.

4. The dress is properly lined and does not feel scratchy.

5. Zippers are hidden and glidely smoothly.

6. Buttons should be functional, not just sewn on top of the zipper. The buttonhole should have a clean finishing.

7. Beads, sequins, and pearls are sewn on an individually..

8. Crystals are clear all the way through, unlike rhinestones which have a dark backing.

9. Most importantly, the dress makes you look great and feel comfortable.

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