What to Do : I Said Yes to the Wrong Dress

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The idea of trying on three dresses and suddenly feeling so overcome with emotion that you wanted to. You knew that walking into the bridal salon for an appointment and realized that you hated my wedding dress, and regretted your decision.

What to Do : I Said Yes to the Wrong Dress - Yenny Lee Bridal Couture

This swiftly shut you down. By the time you walked out of the salon, that doubt had turned into full panic. You just made a major, nonrefundable mistake—you hated your wedding dress.

So what could you do? 


1. Don't panic.

That wasn't the gown's fault. you also had to remember that this salon is in the business of making brides happy so hopefully they would have a heart, especially since nothing had been ordered yet and they weren't being put out at all. You also had to remember that the dress wasn't terrible — or else I would've never gotten this far with it.

2. Know your options. 

Use that time to research what your options, what other brides in this situation had done. Researched websites to possibly sell the gown if I wasn't able to get out of it.

3. Look at the big picture. 

With all of this gown anxiety, I had to keep in mind exactly what it was: just a dress. If they wouldn't refund the dress or give me a credit, and I couldn't sell it, it wasn't the end of the world. I'd still be lucky enough to be walking down the aisle to the man of my dreams, in a (questionably) lovely wedding gown, which is something I couldn't take for granted. No matter how things ended up, there are bigger things to worry about in life than this and I couldn't let it eat me up. 

4. Act fast. 

Contact the bridal store immediately as soon as the store reopened asking about options and if the contract had even been processed yet. Explaining what had just happened so it was time-stamped minutes after the appointment.

5. Is it regret or something stronger?

This wasn't an out of sight, out of mind problem that was being fueled by endless Instagram posts of other gowns. Remember why you fell in love with the gown in the first place. Knowing that you wasn't going through the "common" dress regret and actually did in fact pick the wrong gown, helped you to stay strong and "changed my mind" again.

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